Book Cover - Animal Kingdom
ANIMAL KINGDOM is an stunning selection of my very best 230 images, obtained during almost 20 years of photography passion.

The book, printed in large format and high quality paper, includes images taken in six continents, 30 countries, and more than 60 wild places, including some of the most extreme and magnificent habitats on Earth, such as Antarctica, the Arctic, the Himalayas, the deserts of Kalahari and Namib, the Serengeti, Okavango, or Masai Mara, or the islands of Borneo, Komodo, Galapagos, or Madagascar. Some of the images have won prizes in international competitions.


LARGE FORMAT BOOK: Hard cover, 13 x 10 in, 284 pages, luxury paper.

ALL PROCEEDS TO CHARITY: All proceeds from the sale of this book (100% of the cover price), and from all my other books, will be donated to SOS Children's Villages, an NGO that plays an amazing role sheltering and giving a new life to thousands of the most disadvantaged children in the world.

PRICE: 65 dollars (shipping costs included)

Please contact me on ARTURODEFRIASPHOTO@YAHOO.COM to confirm delivery address. I am also happy to dedicate the book if you want to.