Book Cover - Spain
WILD SPAIN is a photographic celebration of the amazing natural riches of Spain, Europe's veritable biodiversity hotspot. The 300 images cover more than 8 years of photography trips in Spain, during which I have explored over 40 wild places, and photographed more than 100 species.

The book will introduce you to some of the most amazing wild places in Spain, including most of Spain's fifteen National Parks: Doñana, the Pyrenees, Picos de Europa, Cabañeros, Sierra Nevada, Monfrague, Teide and Timanfaya in the Canary Islands, etc.

It also includes some truly amazing images of the most iconic Spanish species - some of them very difficult to photograph in the wild - such as the Iberian Wolf, the Brown Bear, the Iberian Lynx, the Imperial Eagle, the Black Vulture, the Cantabrian Capercaillie, the Lammergeier... and even Orcas in the Strait.

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ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED as it is the case with my other photography books, to SOS Children's Villages, an NGO that shelters thousands of the least favoured children all over the world.

LARGE FORMAT BOOK: Hard cover, 13 x 10 in, 330 pages, luxury paper

PRICE: 65 dollars (shipping costs included)

Please contact me on ARTURODEFRIASPHOTO@YAHOO.COM to confirm delivery address. I am also happy to dedicate the book if you want to.