Wild Places

Bandhavgarh NP, India

Sunrise in Bandhavgarh
Indian Tigers.
Bandhavgarh National Park is in the middle of the Indian subcontinent, in Madhya Pradesh, some 800 km (or 17 hours by train) south of Delhi.

Bandhavgarh is one of the best places in India to see Indian Tigers. Although less famous than other parks such as Ranthanbore, or Chitwan in Nepal, it is a relatively small park (barely 100 km2), with more than 60 resident Indian Tigers. With this density of wildlife, sightings are pretty likely if you stay three or four days.

The only caveat is that photographing wildlife is far from easy here. The vegetation (mainly Bamboo and Sal forests) is very dense and the tigers are shy. Patience and luck are required.

But of course patience will be well invested... when the prize is a close encounter with the most magnificent wild cat on Earth. And the fact that Tigers are so desperately endangered, makes a sighting a unique experience to remember forever.

March to May are great months to go. It is not too hot, and the monsoon season is still months away.