Wild Places

Sabi Sand

Leopard in tree, Londolozi
Leopards in Kirkmans and Londolozi.
If you want to see spotted cats, this is the place. A group of private reserves near Kruger, in South Africa, Sabi Sand offers unbelievable leopard sightings. Londolozi, one of the reserves, is the absolute epicentre of the leopard experience.

Over three decades of interaction between Londolozi Rangers and leopards has forged a deep bond between the two that is difficult to find anywhere else. These animals are unbelievably at ease with the proximity of cars.

I saw more leopards there in one day than in all my previous trips to Africa together. But a few days in Sabi Sand will allow you to really spend time with them. I could see them playing, sleeping, mating, stalking, killing, feeding...

Dry season in South Africa is usually between May and August, although rainfall starts declining in April and is still fairly low in September and October. This is by far the best game-viewing period.