Wild Places

Amazon river

There is not much one can say about the Amazon river - words will never do it any justice. I went there at the end of the rainy season. Most of the rainforest was flooded - the water level was at its highest. As high as 16 meters of water, for hundreds and hundreds of kilometers... And one can only wonder: where is all this water coming from?

THer are a myriad of places to visit in the Amazon basin. I flew to Manaus, and then went to Leticia, in Colombia, and from there to Tabatinga, a small village up river. And then to another village called Then, back to the Brazilian Amazon, to a wildlife reserve called Mamiraua. All these places were amazingly interesting, and very diverse.

The wildlife experience has nothing to do with Africa. There are few large animals, and it is very difficult to photograph them - they normally hide in the bush and even when you se them you wil struggle with the light - the light levels in the lower parts of the rainforest are quite low.

But the landscapes and the overall experience are simply unforgettable.