Wild Places

Kwando, Okavango Delta

Sunset at Hippo Pool
Kwando is a huge private concession north of the Okavango delta, almost in the border with the Capribi strip of Namibia.

One of the best private reserves in Africa, it has an amazing concentration of wildlife. In one of its camps, Lagoon, I experienced the best sightings of wild dog of my life: for four hours, we followed a pack of wild dogs hunting, until we saw them take down (and almost instantly devour) a male impala, less than 2 meters from our car.

An added attraction is the fact that the camps are very small, and tourist numbers are carefully managed, to ensure a very private, almost individual experience of the bush. You will never meet more than 1-2 cars (and perhaps none at all) during a whole day in the bush at Kwando.

Best time to visit: normally September. But February is also very good.